Some Help From Screwfix

I have had the help of a few of the Screwfix crew today who are here for their ‘corporate’ teambuilding day. Most helped on the straw bale build but these guys wanted to get back to the Earth hoeing and planting pumpkins. Great help that was really needed. Thanks so much guys.

Strange Spider

I know little about spiders and certainly have never seen one like this before. Anyone out there know what it is?

Amazing Cauliflowers

We have begun to harvest cauliflowers, so the shop is filled with that lovely brassica smell. As you can probably tell, we are proud of these, caulis are not the easiest thing to grow.

String, Tomatoes and More String

It has been a hot one today, not the kind of weather for hanging around in poly tunnels but sometimes a job just has to be done. The tomato plants have got a hold on life now they have been in a week or so and they have really got growing, so it’s time to string them up and give them some support.

Not having ‘crop bars’ in this adapted poly tunnel has called for some inventiveness but I think we have come up with a workable solution. It involves rope, lots of string and lots of knot tying.

I’m really looking forward to when they start cropping.

Farmers Market – First Produce

Our produce is starting to gain momentum now and we will have our first stand at the farmers market today. Not a great volume of stuff is ready yet, but we will have some new potatoes, Choggia white beetroot, salad leaves, pac choi and coriander. Expect a lot more as the season develops and we get over the ‘hungry gap.’

Pea Sprouts

Another one of my favourite salad crops, pea sprouts, have made it into this weeks salad mix. Technically these are a ‘microgreens’ and are packed with nutrients.

They also taste pretty good.

A Harrowing Experience

This is a great sunny afternoon for running the seven point spring tine harrow through the newly ploughed ground. By bringing any couch grass roots to the surface they will dry out nicely and hopefully die off.

Hard hot dusty work though.