Straw Bale Build Opening

Today we held the grand opening event for the Straw Bale Cafe and Shop at Greenslate. 

The shop, cafe and building look fantastic although there are still a few finishing touches needed. Kath and her team of volunteers have done an amazing job. What has been built here will be an amazing asset to the local community for years to come.

We had our own mini circus to help celebrate the event and the Mayor and Mayoress came to officially open the building.

As the grower at Greenslate I am very excited that we now have our own purpose built shop and cafe selling the fruit and veg that we have worked so hard to grow. 

I think that the concept of having a shop and cafe less than 100 yards from where the produce has been grown is a very powerful one. It shows that local production is possible right in the heart of the community. It is why this farm is here and what the Greenslate Community Farm is all about.

It’s going to be fun over the coming weeks and months to see how things develop, what will sell and how customers will interact with us.

Some Help From Screwfix

I have had the help of a few of the Screwfix crew today who are here for their ‘corporate’ teambuilding day. Most helped on the straw bale build but these guys wanted to get back to the Earth hoeing and planting pumpkins. Great help that was really needed. Thanks so much guys.

Strange Spider

I know little about spiders and certainly have never seen one like this before. Anyone out there know what it is?

Amazing Cauliflowers

We have begun to harvest cauliflowers, so the shop is filled with that lovely brassica smell. As you can probably tell, we are proud of these, caulis are not the easiest thing to grow.